“Vikkstar Net Worth – Age, Girlfriend, Earnings & Earnings (2022)”

For young people to create jobs and acquire enough visibility and financial resources, the Internet has been an excellent platform. In this regard, the famous YouTuber Vikkstar has made a name for himself by creating entertaining material on the platform. In addition, YouTube is a source of income for him. Vikkstar’s profile claims he is a member of both The Sidemen and The Pack, according to Moneypromax.

Real name Vikram Singh Barn
Vikkstar net worth $9 million
Date of Birth August 2, 1995
Nationality British
Age 26 years

Vikkstar started shooting YouTube videos at a young age and quickly established himself as an internet sensation. Vikkstar net worth is estimated at $9 million in 2022. The YouTube channel Vikkstar123 is well known to Internet users. Since its creation in 2010, the platform has experienced rapid growth. Vikkstar has grown its audience over time through streaming games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto V.

Vikkstar has fulfilled his childhood dream of making a fortune doing what he loves. He’s always said how much he enjoys playing video games and making movies. Vikkstar relished the opportunity to perform in front of the camera. Vikkstar’s outstanding gameplay is also a hit with enthusiasts. He gradually rose to prominence as a member of Youtube gaming groups such as Sideman and The Pack.

Vikkstar’s Girlfriend

Vikkstar’s wife is rumored to be dating the lovely Ellie Harlow. He also offered the caption “Poor quality photo, high quality pair” at one point.

Youth and career

Vikkstar’s real name is Vikram Singh Barn, according to Vikkstar’s Childhood. He was born in the UK and has Indian origins. Vikkstar was born in 1995 in Sheffield, England to two older brothers. Some people think that Lewis Redman is Vikkstar’s brother, but that’s not the case.

Ellie Harlow

From 2006 to 2013, Vikstar attended Silverdale School, where he was considered an outstanding student with an outstanding academic record. While completing his A-Levels, he got a generous offer to study natural sciences at University College London. Despite this, he chose to forgo this opportunity and pursue a career on YouTube.

Vikkstar revealed in an interview that he almost wins $2 million from Minecraft servers alone. He also stated that he spends a large percentage of his income on hobbies he enjoys. He enjoys spending time traveling, discovering new places and participating in more adventurous activities. Vikkstar is the fourth most subscribed member of The Sidemen, behind KSI, W2S and Miniminter. Vikkstar rose to prominence after releasing ‘The End- Sidemen Diss Track Reply,’ a diss track. Vikkstar previously addressed Dejion on India’s 71st Independence Day. Vikkstar also likes the idea of ​​posting gaming videos on a variety of sites.

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Vikram Singh Barn, called Vikkstar, struggled to fit into the culture of Sheffield, England. Vikkstar passed the difficult stage when he went to college to pursue a career on YouTube. Vikkstar was educated at Silverdale School.

Additionally, he was accepted to University College London to study natural sciences. Vikkstar, on the other hand, preferred a career on YouTube. British-Indian vlogger Vikkstar started by uploading Minecraft gameplays and tutorials. It later started streaming footage from Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. According to 2013 updates, Vikkstar, like many other YouTubers known as Sidemen, started playing Grand Theft Auto V. The motto of the group is to submit challenges and various skits on their YouTube account. In 2018, Vikkstar left the Sidemen house but remained a member of the group.

Vikkstar resides in a London apartment. He has been there since December 2018 when he left Sidemen House.

Vikkstar, a successful British YouTuber and streamer, is rapidly gaining popularity on the platform. Moreover, he established himself as an important co-founder of Sidemen. Over time, the gaming-focused YouTube channel has grown in popularity. With the addition of new subscribers, the entertainment channel is booming. Additionally, many find his games, such as Fortnite Warzone, Call of Duty, and other games it streams, to look rather appealing, which boosts its popularity. Plus, you can’t deny that the YouTuber has won over $100,000 through tournaments.

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A highlight on earnings

The expected annual profits of Vikkstar123 Vikkstar123 The YouTube channel generates $790,000 in YouTube ad revenue. Merchandise sales (Sidemen Clothing) and sponsorships are also sources of income for him. With 4.32 million subscribers and over 1.1 billion channel views combined, Vikkstar123HD and VikkstarPlays bring in $270,000 every year.

Vikkstar net worth

A Vikkstar123 video gets 735,000 views on average, with the highest video getting around 7.4 million views. “THORPE PARK VLOG with The Sidemen,” the top-grossing video, earned nearly $30,000. With a CPM of $10, YouTube channel Vikkstar123 receives 16 million views every month.

Although videos of him live streaming Fortnite and Call of Duty are his main source of income, he also makes money from his other businesses. He’s also been busy running his side businesses, such as Sidemen merch and brand relations.

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Vikkstar became co-owner of royal ravens, a London-based Call of Duty League, as per November 2020 updates. New content formats will be introduced by Royal Ravens and Vikkstar. Additionally, Vikkstar will host eSports tournaments.

Last words

Vikram Singh aka Vikkstar, a British YouTuber and streamer has also faced challenges in his life. Today, he is a living example of how overcoming obstacles can lead to success.

Vikkstar is now a successful and well-known streamer who has collaborated with YouTubers such as Sidemen, MrBeast, PewDiePie, Dream and others. Additionally, during the broadcast, he spotlighted several of these YouTubers. Moreover, the whole YouTube community recognizes it as the best. Vikram is the new co-founder of ReKT Global, a new company. His thriving YouTube career can partly be attributed to his Call of Duty team. Keep an eye out for more information.