West Virginia is the most Fortnite-obsessed state in America

West Virginia is the most Fortnite-obsessed state in America, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by online gaming experts SolitaireBliss, analyzed Google Trends data for various search terms associated with Fortnite in the United States. These terms were then combined to give each state a “total search score” to find out which states are most obsessed with Fortnite over the past 12 months.

The study revealed that West Virginia ranks number one on the list, showing the most interest in Fortnite with a total search score of 750. West Virginia ranked first in population when searching for the terms “Fortnite Item Shop” and “Fortnite Chapter 3”. West Virginia, however, showed low interest among states in the search term “Fortnite weapons”.

Midwest State Kansas is the second most interested US state in Fortnite, with a total search score of 678. Kansas ranked first of all states in search of “Fortnite weapons”. Kansas saw the biggest spike in interest during the holiday season last year, with search results for “Fortnite” peaking.

Oklahoma place as the third most interested state in Fortnite. The southern state ranked among the top five states in search of “Fortnite battle royale”. On top of that, Oklahoma also has the second highest number of searches for “Fortnite Item Shop”, giving a total search score of 665.

The state of Kentucky also ranks among the US states most interested in Fortnite, ranking fourth overall. With a total search score of 657Kentucky ranked first on the list of states searching for “Fortnite tracker” and third among states searching for “Fortnite item shop”.

Rounding the first five is Mississippi with a total search score of 614. It ranks as the highest of all state searches for “Fortnite redemption”.

Nebraska is the sixth most Fortnite-obsessed state. The state has the third highest number of searches in America for “Fortnite tracker”, which earned its sixth position in the rankings and gave the state a total search score of 607.

In seventh position in the ranking is Indiana, with a total search score of 606. The state had the second-most searches in America for “Fortnite Chapter 3,” helping it secure its seventh spot.

Missouri ranks eighth in the rankings, with the state in the top five for “Fortnite” searches. This aid is the state score of 596. The three highest status searches are “Fortnite”, “Fortnite Twitter”, and “Fortnite Chapter 3”.

The ranking reveals Arkansas is the ninth most interested state in Fortnite in America, with 591 as the total search score. The state had the highest searches in America for “Fortnite mobile”. This helped him finish in the top 10 despite being ranked 11e lowest for searches in “Fortnite Twitter”.

The tenth state in the ranking and happens to be the tenth most Fortnite-obsessed state in America is Rhode Island. Rhode Island has a total research score of 586with the number one status for searches in “Fortnite skins”.

A spokesperson for SolitaireBliss commented on the findings, “Fortnite is still a hugely popular video game in America, with the top ten Fortnite-obsessed states being mostly made up of states in southern or central America. This is also reflected with well-known Fortnite streamers, such as current former Twitch and Youtube streamer, Drlupo, a Nebraska native and Fortnite player who has amassed 129 million views on Youtube with his Fortnite content.

“With the winter period approaching and seasonal events such as Christmas and Black Friday coming up, Fortnite games will undoubtedly be more popular and consumer interest will peak.”