What are poison potatoes used for in Minecraft? (2022)

There are several different food sources in Minecraft and many of them have multiple uses. Carrots, for example, can be used to trade with farming villagers, eaten as food, turned into golden carrots, or used in a composter to potentially get some bone meal. Most cultures in the game are like this, although not all of them can be eaten.

Potatoes are one of the most popular crops to grow in the game. For every potato planted, there is a chance to produce more than five potatoes if Fortune III is involved. They can be made into baked potatoes, which are a great food source.

However, once in a while, a potato plant produces a poisonous potato, which most players discard or discard because they see no need for it. However, this neglected item has a use in the game.

Using a Minecraft Poisonous Potato

Usually poison potatoes are quite rare to obtain in the game. This is how rare they are, according to the Minecraft Wiki:

“Poison Potato is a rare drop when harvesting (killing) potato crops: a fully grown plant has a 2% chance of dropping one in addition to the 2-5 regular potatoes. “

A 2% chance is pretty minimal, but if players have a lot of seed potatoes, they can get quite a few. These may seem unnecessary, and there’s a good reason for that. They don’t have many uses, and it’s often considered a bad item.

Poison Potatoes cannot be planted on farmland, nor can they be made into Baked Potatoes. They also cannot be placed in a composter to obtain bone meal. They are only meant to be eaten.

Composters don't take poisonous potatoes (Image via Mojang)
Composters don’t take poisonous potatoes (Image via Mojang)

However, it’s not a crucial use, as many gamers who’ve eaten one might agree. Eating a Poisoned Potato has a 60% chance to apply the Poison II status effect for five seconds.

This eventually drains two full hearts of health in a very short time. In some circumstances, this can lead to death. This makes poisonous potatoes a bad food.

However, if Minecraft players can resist or avoid the poisoned effect, poison potatoes are actually better to eat than regular potatoes.

Poison Potatoes restore two hunger points and have a saturation of 1.2. None of these numbers are good, but they are twice as good as normal potatoes.

ok but why do poisonous potatoes exist in minecraft

A normal potato only restores one point of hunger and has a lean saturation of 0.6. These are among the worst stats for any food in the game, so while poison potatoes are dangerous, they are potentially better than regular potatoes.

However, that is the only use for them. They don’t do anything else, so players should treat them as a food option of last resort.

The only other possible (and maybe fun) use would be to trick another Minecraft player into eating one and checking to see if they get the poison effect, which would be useful in PvP, but otherwise they have a very restricted in-game use.

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