What did SkyDoesMinecraft do? Exploring the controversial allegations raised against the popular Minecraft YouTuber

Former Minecraft YouTuber “Adam”skydoes minecraft‘, who also started a music career as NetNobody, had a tumultuous fall in 2022. Interest in the YouTuber had begun to wane as his focus shifted from Minecraft to variety games and music content.

In January, serious allegations were made against him by his former partner, Elizabeth. The accusations have encouraged others to report the YouTuber, including former employees, associates and business partners.

Immediately after the allegations, Sky went black on YouTube and Twitter and hasn’t posted anything on either platform since. The latest update from him was a report that he was trying to sell his YouTube channel on an online marketplace.

Due to YouTube’s policies against selling channels that have monetization enabled, it would likely be impossible for SkyDoesMinecraft to sell its main channel of 11 million subscribers, especially at the initial $900,000 asking price it posted. . However, his attempt to sell the channel could be seen as acknowledgment that his career as a content creator will not recover from the allegations.

After domestic violence allegations were made against SkyDoesMinecraft in January, he opted (instead of responding to the extreme allegations) to sell his channel with 11,000,000 subscribers for $900,000…lol? https://t.co/KjHgFTOzhn

What has SkyDoesMinecraft been accused of?

SkyDoesMinecraft had already stopped uploading YouTube videos for a few months before his ex-girlfriend posted an iCloud document detailing his abusive behavior on January 23, 2022. Elizabeth shared examples of his repeated behavior. verbal and emotional abuse against her, as well as harassing and sexually abusing other women. He was also charged with stealing money from the company and using drugs.

Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka Skydoesminecraft It’s time everyone knew the truth. I’m tired of letting you go with this. The police know. Put proofs below as they will not upload properly icloud.com/pages/096anNR0…

His abuse extended to Elizabeth’s personal effects as well as her pet pig. She said he broke his stuff around the house in fits of rage and left his pet outside in the cold. SkyDoesMinecraft would also deprive her of food. Another disturbing detail was his claim that he offered her $100,000 for the property of her unborn baby.

“You even tried to convince me to let you buy my unborn baby. You said verbatim, ‘If you don’t want her, I’ll just give you a hundred grand or something.’ You act like your children are just objects. You haven’t had that kind of money in years.

As for the other women he allegedly harassed and sexually assaulted, he allegedly gave the victims money, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for their silence. This money allegedly came from his business, which he robbed to pay victims as well as to support his drug addiction. He was also accused of sending explicit photos to minors without caring about their age.

Shortly after Elizabeth’s iCloud document was tweeted, former SkyDoesMinecraft employees told their own stories. Former employees have accused him of bullying, overworking and lying. Some employees also accused him of sexual harassment and assault.

Elizabeth said in her tweet that she informed law enforcement of her alleged crimes and wrongdoing. More damningly, he has not publicly commented on or refuted any of the allegations made against him.

Perhaps as an admission of defeat or an attempt to make money to pay legal fees, SkyDoesMinecraft’s ambition to sell his YouTube channel in April was the last big news that came from him.

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