What do Axolotls eat in Minecraft?

The need to unlock the Mending Enchantment increases as you progress through Minecraft. It’s unquestionably one of the most valuable things in the game, and this guide will cover what he does.

Enchantments make Minecraft easier. They improve the quality of armor, tools, weapons, and books, which may explain their rarity.

Of all the enchantments in Minecraft, Mending is undoubtedly one of the hardest to obtain. The enchantment table only has a 1% chance of releasing it, and the alternate methods of finding it are arduous to say the least.

Here’s what Mending does in Minecraft and its importance when exploring.

What is repair in Minecraft and what is it for

In a nutshell, the repair enchantment in Minecraft improves item durability through experience.

A wide range of tasks in Minecraft grants XP. These include mob killing, mining, smelting, animal farming, fishing, trading, and advancements.

Each time a player obtains an experience orb, the Repair success repairs an item at the rate of two durability/EXP points in the orb. It should be noted that one EXP point in the orb is deducted each time the repair grants both durability points to an item.

Obviously, you need to enchant items with Mending to gain the aforementioned benefits. Additionally, they must be in the main hand, off hand, or one of the armor slots.

If there are multiple enchanted items with repair enabled, the enchantment randomly chooses an item and repairs it. This system is not affected by the existing durability of the item and it does not select fully repaired items for obvious reasons.

Minecraft Item Durability

Why is repair so important in Minecraft?

Minecraft reproduces real life in several aspects. As a result, every item in the game, from tools to weapons, has a fixed lifespan. This also applies to more valuable and rare inventory items, and Mending helps keep them functional for a longer period of time.

Another reason why Mending is desirable is its compatibility. With the exception of Infinity which is an arc enchantment, Mending is compatible with all enchantments and can be put on anything. It is certainly better than the incompatibility between Smite and Sharpness which often puts players in a difficult situation.

How to Get the Repair Enchantment in Minecraft

As mentioned above, don’t expect to unlock Mending from the enchantment table (in the Java edition) because the chances are really low. This leaves you with fishing and village trading that requires a ton of effort.

There’s a trick that requires you to trap a Librarian Villager with Lectern Blocks. By breaking and replacing these blocks, the librarian transforms into a villager and returns to his job as a librarian. This fundamentally changes the Librarian’s trades and you have to repeatedly run around the blocks until he offers the repair.

Minecraft Librarian Villager

As soon as the librarian offers to repair, exchange paper for emeralds and lock it in this trade.

All in all, unlocking Mending in Minecraft is definitely worth it and can make your journey easier. Another mechanic that makes things easier is horseback riding, and here’s a guide to taming horses in Minecraft.

Image credits: Mojang