What GTA 6 Needs To Change About RDR2’s Morality System

GTA 6 is coming, and while Rockstar hasn’t revealed many features, an RDR 2-like morality system would work just fine – if it’s better balanced.

Rockstar has revealed little about the features coming in Grand Automatic Flight 6and it is not clear whether he will implement Red Dead Redemption 2honor system. Considering the Grand Theft Auto the show is all about getting rich and powerful by any means necessary, any morality gauge would fit right into the show. In GTA 5, once a player loses police attention, they are treated as a normal citizen; it works well with the franchise’s vicarious criminal atmosphere, but the actions would carry much more weight if they significantly changed the character’s perception in the game world.


RDR 2 is the latest installment in Rockstar’s Wild West series of video games, and its honor system is a formative aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2The acclaimed story. Most of the actions Arthur Morgan performs move his honor meter towards heroism or sadism, and while this doesn’t directly affect Arthur’s relationship with law enforcement, it does impact his interactions with NPCs. Characters treat the player differently based on their moral standing, allowing the system to double as a “reputation” gauge. Some Charity Missions can only be completed by a Highly Honored player.

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The problem with RDR 2system of morality – which GTA 6 has the perfect chance to fix – is that actions are not rewarded appropriately. The penalty for killing multiple innocents is quite heavy but can be offset with simple tasks like petting a horse, donating to beggars, and doing camp chores. If players stick to RDR 2Strange missions and random encounters rather than free-roaming robberies and massacres, the system works a bit better, as each of the game’s encounters requires an ethical decision on the part of the player.

GTA 6 Could Perfect RDR 2’s Honor System

The problem of honor GTA 6 is that the chaos of the open world is far too appealing. If the game incorporated more optional decision-based encounters, it would offset the balance a bit. Including more side missions that involve doing bad things for good reasons would provide a method of honor over the course of the story. Of course, the system should never be perfectly relative, because engaging in high-stakes criminal activity to get rich is too central to GTAof the brand, but if the game measured “honor” as “loyalty” to the character’s allies, as well as the player’s ethical standing with the world at large, it could perfectly match the brand characteristics of the series .

As in Red Dead Redemption 2, the honor system could be reflected in the dialogue and determine who the character “at the bottom” is as the story progresses. Stores might lower prices for characters with high honor, while robberies go more smoothly for characters with low honor; also, considering GTAthe moral ambiguity of, there could be missions that are only available to low honor players as well as high level players. This function would not replace Grand Theft Autoclassic wanted level system, but this could influence the rate at which the wanted level increases and provide yet another connection between GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2. Whether Grand Automatic Flight 6 has improved the honor system, this could be a perfect way to add a bit more realism to the series and base the player’s story ending on the cumulative effect of all their previous actions.

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