What is a cauldron used for in Minecraft?

Minecraft players have certainly encountered a witch’s hut in a world, probably multiple times. Inside, there’s usually nothing but a crafting table, a cauldron, and potentially a black cat. While black cats are cool, they’re not completely exclusive to huts, so the only two items left are the crafting table and the cauldron.

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Witch hut. Image via Dig Minecraft

Crafting tables are easily made with four planks of wood and are used for, well, crafts. Cauldrons, on the other hand, have a few uses. Here’s what they’re used for in Minecraft.

Cauldron uses in Minecraft

Minecraft cauldrons contain a relatively simple recipe for crafting. Seven Iron Ingots will produce a Cauldron. They have a few uses that can actually be very helpful for gamers. The most common use is to hold water, although this ultimately isn’t that useful, as a bucket will also hold water indefinitely. However, the water inside a cauldron can be tinted.

Dyeing the water in the cauldron any color will allow a piece of leather armor to be dyed three times. There are three levels in a cauldron and one use reduction per level. The water can also be dyed a different color after use, or before if the first color is wrong.

Dying armor.  Image via Minecraft
Dying armor. Image via Minecraft

Cauldrons can also be used in conjunction with the drip. Placing Blocks of Drops on top of the Cauldron will fill the Cauldron with Water or Lava, which can now be put into Cauldrons as a result of Update 1.17. The process is slow, but it does not require a refill of water, so it is an almost endless supply of water.

Also following update 1.17, powdered snow can be put in a cauldron. It is the only solid material that can be put in a cauldron. It can be filled slowly during snowfall without having to be retrieved first with a bucket. Using a snow bucket will not place the snow inside the cauldron, only against it.

The last feature of cauldrons is to put potions inside. The potions have to be the same, otherwise it’s just a mess. Three potions will fill a cauldron. Standing in the cauldron will not give the effect to players, but it can be used to fill bottles or place it on arrows. Clicking on the cauldron with an arrow will turn it into an arrow of the potion that is inside.

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