What is Gyan Sujan’s Free Fire ID? In-game stats, real name and monthly winnings revealed

Many personalities have established a massive fan base in India’s Free Fire community, with Gyan Sujan being one of them. He’s the man behind the popular YouTube channel, Gyan Gaming, where it downloads various content related to the quick title.

The prominent content creator currently has a huge subscriber of 11.6 million with over 1.61 billion combined views. Gyan Sujan also approx 1.4 million subscribers on his Instagram account. Here is an overview of its username and statistics in Free Fire.

Gyan Sujan’s Free Fire ID, real name and stats

Gyan’s Free Fire ID is 70393167, and his real name is Sujan mistri. Here are his stats in Free Fire as of today, September 18, 2021:

Lifetime statistics

All-time stats (image via Free Fire)
All-time stats (image via Free Fire)

Gyan Sujan a 18637 appearances in squad mode and 6654 wins, leading to a winning percentage of 35.70%. With 65979 kills, the player has a kill / death ratio of 5.51.

The streamer played 2218 duo games and has a total of wins of 509, maintaining a success rate of 22.94%. In these games he has accumulated 6064 frags at a K / D ratio of 3.55.

Gyan Gaming has 1397 solo matches his name and has 159 the first places, corresponding to a winning ratio of 11.38%. He killed 2348 enemies with a K / D ratio of 1.90.

Classified statistics

Ranked Statistics (Image via Free Fire)
Ranked Statistics (Image via Free Fire)

Internet star played 137 team matches of the current season and has 35 wins, converted to a win rate of 25.54%. he bagged 727 kills for a K / D ratio of 7.13.

Other than that, the YouTuber hasn’t played any games ranked in single player and duo modes.

Monthly earnings

Gyan Sujan's Monthly Earnings (Image via Free Fire)
Gyan Sujan’s Monthly Earnings (Image via Free Fire)

On Social Blade, Gyan Sujan’s estimated monthly earnings are mentioned as being in the order of $ 18.1K To $ 289.7K.

Youtube channel

Gyan Sujan has been creating videos on his channel for a few years. He first made videos around Clash of Clans before moving on to Free Fire. In the the last 30 days, he garnered 400K subscribers and 72.41 million views.

There are 2104 videos present on his channel, and the most watched has 21 million views.

Note: Gyan Gaming’s stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change as he plays more Free Fire matches.

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