What is the Wordle Word Today – Answered January 15, 2022 (#210)

Here is the word Wordle for today (January 15, 2022), word number 210.

If you didn’t already know Wordle, where were you? It’s a relatively new game that has gone viral and is simplistic, but also challenging. This object of the game is to figure out the five letter word (Wordle) for the day, sounds easy doesn’t it? But the catch is that you only have six tries and there are no hints or clues as to what the mystery word might be!

Play on words

So where are you supposed to start? The first word will be an absolute guess, but it would probably be best to use a word that contains different letters. Once you have guessed the first word and submitted it, the box the letters are in will then turn green, red, or gray. If the box is green, it means you have the right letter in the right place. If the square turns yellow, you have the correct letter, but it is in the wrong place. If the box turns gray, it means that the letter does not appear in the word at all.

Word Game - How to Play
Word Game – How to Play

The developers of this game are based in the UK and therefore new word is released at midnight (GMT) everyday and we will cover new word as soon as possible!

The word for yesterday, January 14, 2022 (#209) it was ACID!

Wordle Response January 15, 2022 – 210

We won’t just give you the answer right away as some people want to guess themselves, but just want some hints to help them out and we’ll do that wherever we can. So here are the clues for today’s word:

Clue 1: Contains the letter I

Clue 2: It starts with the letter P

Clue 3: The word is a noun and can be used as a verb

Clue 4: The word is used to describe sudden, uncontrollable fear or anxiety



Wordle Response – January 15, 2022
Wordle Response – January 15, 2022

Be sure to check back daily to see the clues for the new word and the answer if you run out of guesses! Good luck!