What Vice City does better than any game in the Rockstar franchise

In 2002, Rockstar Games released another entry in the beloved Grand Theft Auto franchise. This fourth main entry in the series was titled Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice and was clearly inspired by 80s culture and Miami Vice itself.

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The game is still loved by many even after 20 years. Although Rockstar Games is moving from Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of viceand publish games with jaw-dropping graphics, physics and stories as seen in 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2many see Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice like a GTA game well done, with many game features still better than some of Rockstar’s latest titles.

8 The bustling city

In the official manual of Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vicethere is a city ​​of vice Tourist guide page that says “Today it’s a town run by merchants and weasels.” This quote couldn’t be more true, if not a little appalling for those wishing to visit the city. It’s vibrant, alive and wild. The architecture is bold with white paintings and the lighting is full of neon pinks and neon blues.

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The city looks great, day and night. city ​​of viceor La Cité du Vice, is an ideal location in the Grand Theft Auto frankness and shows a lot of personalities for its environment, its climate and its architecture. It’s one of the best towns in the franchise, and many hope to see it again in Grand Theft Auto6.

seven Nostalgia Boost

Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice is set in 1986. The 1980s were a pivotal decade, not only for pop culture but for American society as a whole. These days, 80s nostalgia is everywhere. Whether in clothing, music or even TV shows like stranger things. There’s a demand for all things 80s, and Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice offers exactly that.

From flashy clothes to quirky characters, to the familiar neon color theme, Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice has everything anyone could want who needs this nostalgic 80s fix. The increased 80s vibe makes the game feel much better than most Grand Theft Auto titles, because there is a culture here, not a modern culture that people live in every day.

6 80s music

Perhaps no decade has been as influential as the music of the 80s. Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice does a great job of licensing tracks from the 1980s musical era and placing them on the many different radio stations that players can listen to in their vehicles. Sometimes the songs can be so good that the player will delay the mission just to finish listening to the melody.

Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice features popular music that is still prominent to this day, such as Hall & Oats’ Out of Touch and The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star. The music in Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice is nearly endless and features a great song for almost anyone to shake their heads on sunny Florida days.

5 Aesthetics

Looking at box art for Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vicecity ​​of vice», or the clothing of the characters with white jackets and pink shirts.

The game features a plethora of ’80s goodness and an aesthetic to beef up and be bold, from Hawaiian shirts to bright lights. Leaving city ​​of vice would be a challenge for any gamer, as the lights are captivating, like a moth on a flame.

4 The Legend, Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta was an American actor, producer, and voice actor who died tragically in 2022. His film credits bolster an impressive library and legacy that many will remember. Some of Ray Liotta’s great talents included classical Freedmen and Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vicethe protagonist, Tommy Vercetti.

Tommy ventures to city ​​of vice for a major drug deal with the Vance Brothers, but all goes wrong, and Tommy embarks on a mission to find those responsible. Tommy’s journey takes many twists and turns and even leads him to lead his gang, the Vercetti Crime Family. Liotta brings a legendary performance to Tommy and makes the character his own.

3 Taxi driver

Almost every entry in the Grand Theft Auto The franchise offers missions in which the player can become a taxi driver. games like Grand Theft Auto 4 actively encourage it, since Niko Bellic’s cousin, Roman, works for one of them. The objectives are largely the same and require the player to deliver passengers to their destination within a set time limit.

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Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice presents this mini-game again and offers a set of side missions to undertake as a taxi driver. If players are finalists, they will need to complete 100 runs to complete the game 100%. By completing 100 rides, the player also gains access to an accelerated jump ability while in any taxi.

2 colorful characters

Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that doesn’t shy away from colorful characters. These can range from dangerous to deranged or even downright silly. Each game features a supporting cast of aliens and supporting characters to keep the player wondering if they’re in a satirical depiction of America or a madhouse.

With the many characters of Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice presenting the player with funny or intense scenes, they are confronted with both the main characters and the secondary characters. These characters are fun and spunky, like Umberto Robina, played by favorite Danny Trejo, or frantic, worried lawyer Ken Rosenberg, played by William Fichtner, but a surprising lack of female characters.

1 Stellar History

Celebrity cameos and great writing combine to make Grand Theft Auto: city ​​of vice a beautiful story in Grand Theft Auto universe. city ​​of vice feels like a classic in the making, and 20 years later many still believe it’s the best story Rockstar Games could produce.

The game features Ray Liotta’s Tommy Vercetti, a convict recently released from prison, and desperate to rise through the ranks and make a profit in the city of city ​​of vice. The story launches into mystery and intrigue, and rising tides of power, to become the ultimate drug kingpin.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch.

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