What’s going on with Rockstar?

Rockstar Games is known to be one of the best studios in the world. Originally known as DMA Design, the studio rose to prominence with Grand Theft Auto which was released in 1997. However, the turn of the century brought great fame and fame to the developer when he released Grand Theft Auto 3 with rave reviews and sales in 2001. Since then, Rockstar has appreciated his position. cream of the crop by maintaining a consistent and quality production of genre titles over the years. However, Take-Two’s first group of institutions have made a ton of choices lately that have seriously damaged their reputation with the public. From no news Grand Theft Auto 6 to the very recent debacle which Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Editionthe release of, one can’t help but wonder: what happened to Rockstar?

While such a drop in Rockstar’s reputation may have come as a shock to some, on closer inspection one can see that slowly but surely the developer’s bad moves have gradually diminished the brand’s credibility in the market over the years. last years. It all started with Red Dead Redemption 2, which although an amazing game that pushes the boundaries of open world gaming, has resulted in hundreds of employees working for weeks and months. It wasn’t the first time that the studio had strived to release a game on time, although this time it had a big impact with numerous reports on the subject, finally raising the question of whether a good game. and high bonuses justify the extended periods of the workforce.

The studio has also seen key departures, including, but not limited to, co-founder Dan Houser who served as senior editor on Red Dead Redemption 2 and reportedly worked 100 hours a week to complete the game. Another key game writer Lazlow Jones also left the company at the same time – and while this is pure speculation, he is possible that both may have been exhausted by working over and over on the same type of games. This is further reinforced by the fact that Dan Houser has left to form his new studio named Absurd Ventures In Games.

Rockstar may have a stellar portfolio of games that have excellent commercial and critical reception, but the studio has focused almost exclusively on Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption 2 over the past decade – except 2012 Max payne 3. Games that have been confirmed to be in development, like games like Agent and others that are said to be in development like Bully 2, were probably canned in favor of larger projects which, in fact, are known to sell well. Of course, given the huge budgets that games of this scale demand – it’s understandable that Take-Two and Rockstar are trying to mitigate as much risk as needed, it comes at a cost to employees who are so exhausting themselves. leave them. favor of greener pastures – as has already happened with the company.

Even so, Rockstar didn’t have the same output for its beloved franchises as it once did. Grand Theft Auto 5 is perhaps the best example of this. Since the game’s release in 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5 endured a whole generation of consoles and several re-releases. To be fair, Rockstar has provided gamers with a ton of great content over the years with its online offerings – although this once again came at a price of. Grand Theft Auto 6.

It has been well over 8 years since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, and fans have little or no information about Grand Theft Auto 6. What is absurd is that Rockstar is still working hard to develop the current generation versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S that could once again be excellent for all it’s worth, but Rockstar’s intention with the re-release seems to be aimed more at financial flaws than anything in favor of the game. himself. Rumors from credible sources suggest that Rockstar may be aiming for a more online-oriented approach with Grand Theft Auto 6 with an evolving map among other things, which could turn out to be excellent for all intents and purposes – but alienates a pretty solid chunk of its fanbase that has been clamoring for meaningful single-player content for so long. Also, it raises a big question as to why Rockstar probably didn’t put enough resources into the development of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, instead of choosing to focus directly on pumping more content to GTA 5the online offers of?

And let’s talk about their latest blunder. The Last of the Grove Street Games Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is another prime example of the greedy behavior of Rockstar and Take-Two. It’s not that bad – there are a few improvements to the experience such as an impressive lighting redesign and improved picture quality. But its shortcomings in other departments such as textures, animations, missing features, etc. Add to these positive points by such a margin that one can only be disappointed or rather disappointed with the package. More so, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have deliberately removed the original games from digital storefronts, removed mods that, to be fair, do a much better job of bringing games to a modern audience, and have intentionally hid the great gameplay right up. that the game was released to the public. All parties are trying to save face right now, with Grove Street Games working on fixes and Take-Two offering the original versions of the games to those who purchased the trilogy through the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Grand Theft Auto 3 - The Definitive Edition_02

Rockstar and by extension its parent company Take-Two Interactive took a drop in quality, of course – but the million dollar question is if it’s just a temporary drop caused by mistakes. or the new face of Rockstar who is most concerned with increasing its profits and stock prices beyond pushing the boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences? It’s hard to say at the moment, but the more important question is whether his current missteps matter in the long run? Will all of this really matter to countless fans when the studio drops cover of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 Where Red Dead Redemption 3 In the years to come?

It’s unlikely. Given the reputation Rockstar and their IPs enjoy in today’s gaming landscape, no matter what happens with Rockstar and Take-Two fans will undoubtedly flock to their brilliant game with every release. This is likely to remain the case for a while now, so we can only hope that Rockstar and Take-Two find out their shortcomings and improve for the better.

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