When does Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 end?

Each Fortnite the season is unique in its own way, but they have one aspect in common and this is the end. All seasons are available for a limited time, which means players will need to complete all season-specific challenges to claim their rewards. Battle Passes also expire each season, so players who wish to unlock all cosmetics will be against a timer.

Since each season also ends with an epic event, this turns into an occasion that each Fortnite player looks forward to. These large-scale events tend to wrap up a season’s story while also setting the stage for the following season. Subsequent seasons typically pick up where the final event leaves the story, allowing players to find themselves at the center of the narrative.

It’s been a while since FortniteChapter Two, Season Seven has gone live. If you’ve started the season late and are slowly working on decorating your Battle Pass, it might be wise to know how much time you have to work.

When Fortnite Chapter two, end of season seven?

From now on, Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Seven is scheduled to end on September 12. The next season is expected to go live shortly after the last one ends, which is slated to take place around September 12 and 13 depending on where you live.

The theme of the new season is yet to be guessed, but considering Fortnite has been pushing the alien theme for a while, there’s a good chance players will find themselves on a space adventure. Over the past two seasons, the Fortnite the universe went through many crises which were all existential threats. It is quite possible that FortniteThe bad luck of having an accident-free day ending the world may begin to spill over into whatever part of the universe it belongs to.

If Epic settles down with the space theme, players can expect alien and astronaut themed skins that will likely be the main pieces in the next Battle Pass.

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