When is Grand Theft Auto Online’s contract compared to GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto Online Has hit the headlines again in recent weeks, thanks to the announcement and subsequent arrival of its biggest post-launch content drop on record. Rightly dubbed “The Contract” by Rockstar Games, gamers have delved into the seedy criminal world of Los Santos since late last week, in an attempt to track down Dr. Dre. Among all the real-world celebrities and returning multiplayer shenanigans, the game’s latest update also reintroduces former fan-favorite playable character Franklin.


Franklin’s return to the limelight, while no longer under the player’s direct control as many had likely once envisioned, answers a number of questions fans have been asking themselves about Grand Theft Auto Online‘s lore for several years at this point. The first of these concerns exactly when the latest update and the larger multiplayer events take place in the sometimes complicated setting. RGT chronology. However, answering this question is not as simple as providing a concrete answer based on the moment. Thanks to the concept of parallel dimensions, “where” the expansion The Contract takes place in relation to the solo narrative of GTA 5 is also of vital importance.

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When the contract takes place

GTA Franklin

Throughout his life, Grand Theft Auto Onlineplace in the larger timeline of GTA 5 has been a frequent topic of discussion among fans. When multiplayer finally returned to PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, most of the initial content available was supposed to take place just before major single-player story events. Establishing that events such as the main heist missions, import / export update, and biker gang content, all unfold just two weeks before the aforementioned narrative adventure allows Rockstar to incorporate main game characters. Like GTA Online has continued to grow and persist ever since, however, condensing everything into that reduced amount of time has become a more convincing feat for the publisher to achieve.

It’s for this reason that Rockstar Games has gone to great lengths to point out that recent updates, like this year’s Los Santos Tuners content, are all set in pretty much fictional versions from when they were released. were originally published. This trend has, in many ways, led directly to the drop in content of The Contract, which would then take place in December 2021. Thanks to this clarification, players now know with certainty that 8 long years have passed between the last missions. and the end of Grand Theft Auto 5the 2013 solo story of. Appropriately and somewhat conveniently, like in the real world.

Changes to Grand Theft Auto Onlinethe card that was not present in GTA 5The solo story of, like the popular Vinewood Casino in Los Santos, now makes more sense and can be seen as a physical representation of the time that has passed in the larger San Andreas area. The fact that characters like Franklin, Lamar, and Chop were all noticeably aged for The Contract expansion is perhaps the most obvious consequence of the time jump that fans will understand.

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The link of the contract with other missions

Dr. Dre in GTA Online

Thanks to the interconnected nature of Grand Theft Auto Onlineversion of San Andreas, and the fact that players can take on missions in any order they choose, it should be borne in mind that The Contract is the continuation of another point in the GTA 5 timeline too. While Franklin and his past are arguably the biggest draw and concept players need to know about before playing, the fact that the DLC revolves around scavenging Dr. Dre’s phone ensures that it’s also about a direct sequel to the 2020 Cayo Perico Heist expansion.

During the intro cutscene of the aforementioned heist, Dr. Dre and his associates realize that his contact and music-laden device have been stolen, which in turn plays into the tale of the themed adventure. of island-based crime. Seeing these events unfold in real time is not a requirement to trigger the latest expansion, however, as a call from Lamar will unlock it once the update is successfully installed. Being primarily a cameo-based setup also ensures that playing previous content shouldn’t be a barrier to entry for those looking to reconnect with Franklin. The contract comes a year after the escalation of flight events for everyone involved, arguably further demonstrating Rockstar Games’ desire to use more of their schedule now.

Where does the contract take place

grand theft auto 5 franklin trevor and michael

Although the idea has gained publicity in recent years thanks to its incorporation into institutions like Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, Rock star games’ Grand Theft Auto The series is also no stranger to the concept of a multiverse. Over the years, the publisher has regularly reconfirmed the existence of three distinct universes within the franchise. The 2D era which is made up of the original PS1 and PC series entries, the 3D era featured in the Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy, and the HD era which currently includes grand Theft Auto 4 and GTA 5. With a few notable exceptions and a few cheeky nods to the past, characters and events rarely intersect directly between universal divisions.

With the release of Grand Theft Auto OnlineThe latest content expansion from, things have stepped into uncharted territory. This is because when concluding GTA 5In the single-player campaign, three separate endings were presented for players to choose from. Two where Franklin kills Trevor or Michael, or a third where the youngster assembles the team to defeat their pursuers and metaphorical demons. GTA OnlineThe Contract expansion directly pursues one of those timelines while dismissing the others, as Franklin hints that his two former associates are still alive and active in the 2021 version of Los Santos. Canonization GTA 5The healthier ending of the one that happened in the multiplayer mode therefore places the events of the expansion 8 years in the future of this specific universe.

Grand Theft Auto Online is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X / S support slated for March 2022.

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