Where is the best place to find iron in Minecraft?

Iron ore is one of the most important mineral blocks in Minecraft. It is used in a large number of crafting recipes and can be found in many places in the game.

Although iron ore is one of the most common materials in standard game worlds, the way it generates has changed in recent updates. This means that the best places to find the ore have also changed somewhat.

This is partly due to revisions to the underground parts of Minecraft worlds, where the bottom layer was changed from Y=0 to Y=-64.

The best location to find iron ore in Minecraft version 1.18

Raw gold and iron, which now drop their ore blocks from the caves &;  Cliffs update (Image via Mojang)
Raw gold and iron, which now drop from their ore blocks as of the Caves & Cliffs update (Image via Mojang)

Following the overhaul of ore generation in the Caves & Cliffs update, iron ore is now generated in three different batches. These prizes vary depending on the version of the game being played.

The Java and Bedrock editions have slightly different generation mechanics for iron ore.

Below, Minecraft players can find the best locations to find Iron Ore in both editions:

Java Edition

  • The first batch of iron ore is generated between height levels 128-320, making Y=255 the most common place to find iron ore.
  • The second batch generates between levels -24 and 54, most commonly found at Y=15.
  • The third batch generates levels -63 to 72. This batch is evenly distributed and has no layers where players can find the ore more commonly.

Bedrock Edition

  • The initial batch in Bedrock Edition spawns between levels 80 and 319, and ore is most commonly found at level 232.
  • The second batch generates between levels -24 and 56, most often found at level 16.
  • The third batch generates evenly between levels -63 to 72, not favoring any specific level.

Iron Ore can be found in many other locations throughout the game. However, these concentrated bundles are the best bet for players looking to find and mine Iron Ore quickly and efficiently.

Players can optionally try out improved ways to obtain large amounts of iron ore, such as iron golem farms. However, it is useful to know how high iron ore can be found.

If players are away from their base or in another location where they don’t have an established mine, knowing which levels produce the most iron ore is invaluable.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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