Where to find alligators in Red Dead Online

Here are the best places to hunt down alligators in Red Dead Online.

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As one of the largest reptiles in Red Dead Redemption 2, alligators can seem quite intimidating to deal with. Especially since they have the ability to strike and kill players almost instantly, however, these archaic predators can be brought down just as quickly with a quick hit to the head, and they appear in large numbers, unlike most. predators of RDR2.

Alligators are great sources of Big Meat and other crafting materials. They’re also easy targets to check for predator kills and other tasks in Red Dead Online’s Daily Challenges.

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The collection separates alligators into “small” and “regular” variants. Skins in the Small Classification can overlap your horse’s back like deer skins and the like, while regular alligators will count as a large carcass slung over the rump of your mount. However, this is the only significant difference between the two sizes, as the drops are the same for both.

All alligators can be taken down with guns, tomahawks, or bows with poison arrows. The important thing is to eliminate them quickly with a headshot before they can trap you in a death throw. The Rolling Block Rifle will allow you to keep a greater distance while being able to land an effective killing blow.

Alligator locations


Alligators reside exclusively within Lemoyne but often appear en masse despite their limited habitat. You will find them along the shores of the Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa.

They make fairly easy targets but a bit dangerous as they spend most of their time sunbathing on land. You will no doubt find a lot of them just by walking through the Lemoyne wetlands, but here are a few areas where their numbers seem to be the most concentrated.

  • The cove to the north in the Bluewater Marsh off the Lannahechee River.

  • Throughout the Kamassa River from the northern border of Lemyone to the south, where it meets the Lannahechee river.

  • The network of rivers crossing Lagras, Lakay and Saint-Denis.

  • All over the grip of islands on the north-western border of Saint-Denis.

  • All over shores and islands at the southern end of Bayou Nwa, south-west of Saint Denis.

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