Where to find jetpacks in Fortnite

Jetpacks are back in Fortnite. Epic kept this unique transport item until the end of Chapter 1. Since then, the jetpacks have sat in the vault, waiting for a chance to be released. That chance is here in Chapter 3, and players can now find and use jetpacks in Fortnite. However, as with most new items, the location of jetpacks is not obvious in Season 2. Fortunately, players can find them in specific locations on the map. Here’s where to find jetpacks in Fortnite

Where to find a jetpack in Fortnite

Currently in Season 2, jetpacks can only be found on IO Airships floating above the island. There are approximately five airship locations currently on the map, which players can land on from the Battle Bus or take its ground-attached ascenders or ziplines. Currently in Season 2, IO Airships are located above the following points of interest:

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  • condominium canyon
  • rock pinwheels
  • Tilted Towers
  • command cave
  • Coney Crossroads

Keep in mind that the location of these airships will vary each week as the war effort moves forces around the island. Once players have selected a location to drop off, they can land on (or approach) the airship’s walkways, then use the doorway to gain access inside. In the airship rooms, a jetpack will be mounted on the wall inside the front door. Interact with the jetpack to add it to your inventory.

Jetpacks are back in Fortnite after a years-long hiatus.

With the jetpack in hand, players can now slide up, down, and sideways to reach the upper chambers of buildings or gain an immediate overhead advantage against enemies. Epic Games also added a feature to jetpacks to make them even stronger against enemies; players can now hover and strafe when using the Jetpack. So if players are airborne, they can also aim and fire their weapons while airborne.

One thing to remember with the Jetpack is that it is always active when added to a player’s inventory. Even if players don’t have it equipped, they can hold down the jump button after pressing it once to start gliding.

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