Where to find thyme in Red Dead Online

Looking for thyme in Red Dead Online? Here are the best places to explore.

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Creeping thyme is a valuable pickable shrub in Red Dead Redemption 2, commonly sought after for several uses. You can distinguish it from other herbs by identifying the dark leaf clusters that grow on the thin, woody stems of plants. The shrubs are also often accented with tiny lilac-colored petals.

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Seasoning your meat with thyme or consuming the herb raw will benefit your Core of the dead eye. Picking creeping thyme can also help you achieve “Chosen to perfection” trophy in Red Dead Online, and it often appears on the task list for the Daily challenges. You should always use Sharp eye when picking plants, but even so, you’ll need to know roughly where to start your search, so here are the best places to find Creeping Thyme in RDR2.

Creeping thyme locations

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New Austin

A healthy patch of creeping thyme grows in the Rio Bravo area of ​​New Austin. To the east you can find shrubs directly west of Rio Del Lobo rock.

New Hanover

New Hanover seems to be the best state to harvest Creeping Thyme. If you start in Valentine, head to the fields on the southwestern border of town and you should find several shrubs growing. For reference, they will likely appear where the word “Valentine” appears on the map. Specifically, you need to drop markers above the “N” and below the “L” and the first “E”. Further southwest, you can find two or three more thyme shrubs crawling along the shore of the Kamassa River.

By far the best place to remove your creepy thyme stains in one go is at Heartland Oil Fields. Between Citadel Rock and Twin Stack Pass, the southwest region is flourishing with 7-8 thyme shrubs.

Creeping thyme is one of the most common plant species in RDR2 and Red Dead Online. We have only noted a few of the locations with more robust growth, but thyme is found throughout the American West.

If you want to do a little herb picking along your trip without taking the time on a dedicated picking expedition, you might like to encounter thyme anywhere there is sandy soil. This means that they tend to flourish best at a small distance from water, although they can also grow along river banks. Rocks are also a good indicator of the type of soil these plants need to thrive.

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