Where to Find Vintage Cat Food Cans in Fortnite (Week 11 Legendary Quest)

Players must find a Vintage Cat Food Box to complete this Week 11 Legendary Quest. Here are all of the Vintage Cat Food locations in Fortnite.

While by fortnite Season 7 Week 11 Legendary Quests, players are tasked with finding a vintage tin of cat food. As with most of the other Legendary Quests this week, the task is self-explanatory. However, while players only need to find one cat of cat food, they may not immediately know where to look.

To complete this quest, players will need to find one of the many vintage tin cans of cat food on the map, especially at Catty Corner and Craggy Cliffs. Once they find one, they’ll need to interact with it to complete the quest and earn XP to boost their Season 7 Battle Pass. Here are the locations where Fortnite players can find these cans and how to collect one to complete the legendary quest.

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Vintage cans of cat food can be found at Catty Corner and Craggy Cliffs, so players may want to land at either of these named locations directly from the Battle Bus to begin their search immediately. Once players find a can, all they need to do is follow the button prompt to interact with it and collect it.

Locations of vintage cat food boxes at Catty Corner and Craggy Cliffs

Fortnite Collect Vintage Can of Cat Food

In Catty Corner, there are four cat food cans that players can grab. These can be found in the following locations:

  • Can 1: By the entrance to the gas station building.
  • Can 2: From behind the garage near the gas station.
  • May 3: by the junk piles near the center of the junkyard.
  • Can 4: Near the transformers, next to the large junkyard building.

Craggy Cliffs also has four boxes of cat food that players can collect. Each of these boxes is located near a corner of the POI. Players can find them at the following locations:

  • Can 1: Inside the garage, next to the Names grocery store.
  • Can 2: Next to the rock formation, west of the stairs to Fishy Sticks.
  • May 3: Next to a bunch of boxes at the northeast end of the Fishy Sticks Factory.
  • Can 4: Next to the lobster cages, on the east side of the boathouse.

These are all the vintage cat food can locations for this week. Spotting these cans of cat food should be relatively easy, as they will start to glow blue once players get close. Completing this quest will grant 30,000 XP towards the player’s Battle Pass, so players will want to complete this quest when they get the chance. It will also unlock the next quest in the story of the Week 11 Legendary Quest, in which players collect a vase of flowers from Lazy Lake.

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