Where to find Zero Point Fish in Fortnite and how to rush with them

The Zero Point Fish is a special item in Fortnite that allows you to move forward at high speed when consumed, but where can you find them? And how do you deal with them? Let’s find out.

Fishing provides a relaxing break from the fast-paced battle royale action in Fortnite, but it can also help you claim that Victory Royale, as certain fish will provide benefits such as health, shield, or even low gravity.

One of the rarest fish you can catch is the Zero Point fish. When this fish isn’t sitting in the vault, it can give you the ability to dash forward quickly and escape the oncoming storm – or a heated firefight.

Whether you want to try the Zero Point Fish for yourself or need it to complete a weekly challenge, we’ve got all the details you need to find one below.

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Where to find Zero Point Fish in Fortnite

The only way to get a zero point fish is to use a fishing rod or speargun in a fishing hole.

You can spot a fishing hole because it will look like an undulating circle with fish coming out of it. These are usually found in large lakes or in the ocean, but they can also sometimes be found along rivers.

Be aware that the Zero Point Fish is a very rare species of fish, so you may need to catch several before you find one.

How to dash with a Zero Point fish in Fortnite

If you want to dash after consuming zero point fish in Fortnite, all you have to do is jump, then quickly press the jump button again in the air. Do it fast enough and you’ll rush forward!

You can also change the direction of your dash by pointing the camera where you want to go. For example, you can dash through the air by pointing your camera at the sky.

The effects of a Zero Point Fish will last for around 15 seconds after consuming it in-game, so make sure you don’t get into a tight spot when it runs out!

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