Where to Set the TV in Fortnite for Byte Quests

Knowing where to set the TV in Fortnite will help you start Byte Quests, if you recently unlocked them after the last update. If you haven’t seen the Fortnite Bytes quests yet, you’ll need to claim a few Battle Pass items in order to unlock them, which we’ve detailed below. If you’ve done this before and just want to know how to adjust the TV in Fortnite to get things started, we’ve got that covered as well.

Fortnite New Weapons

Fortnite EvoChrome Burst Rifle and Shotgun Weapons

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Check out the new Fortnite weapons added in Season 4, including the chrome weapons you’ll need for Bytes quests.

Depending on whether you’re saving up your Battle Stars for a while or spending them right away on the first few items available in the Battle Pass, you might already have this Fortnite Quests subsection available to you. The Bytes Quests stand out from the other challenges you can face in Fortnite, mainly because for this first one you have to wear a specific outfit in order to complete it. You should therefore make sure to follow the instructions carefully, so that you don’t take an unnecessary trip trying to adjust the TV in Fortnite when you are not equipped for it.

How to Unlock Fortnite Bytes Quests

How to Adjust the TV in Fortnite

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To access Fortnite Bytes quests, you need to claim The Nothing’s Gift harvesting tool from page 2 of the Battle Pass – which in turn requires you to claim all other items on page 2 first, so I hope you have enough saved Battle Stars. . When you get The Nothing’s Gift, the Bytes quests will be added to your list of available challenges, and to complete the first to set the TV in Fortnite, you’ll need to go to your locker and equip the Bytes outfit.

Where is the TV in Fortnite

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If you’re wondering where the TV is in Fortnite, there are actually two different locations you can visit to Tune The TV while wearing the Bytes Outfit quest:

  1. Chrome House on the east side of Lustrous Lagoon
  2. Blue House on the west side of Herald’s Sanctum

Either can be used, although the Fortnite TV location west of Herald’s Sanctum is a little further from the POI so is likely to be less busy than the one in the Bay of Lustrous Lagoon.

How to Adjust the TV in Fortnite

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Once you’re in the correct area, and while you’re wearing the Bytes outfit, you should see an exclamation point icon leading you to your target. Reach it, then follow the prompt for about five seconds to set the TV in Fortnite – keep this delay in mind if you hear another player coming, because the last thing you want is to get shot in the back while adjusting the TV and have to repeat the process again. Once done, you will hear the following message from The Nothing, triggering the rest of the Fortnite Bytes quests to begin – “We see that you are finally ready to face your destiny. But first you must prove yourself.”

How to Complete Fortnite Bytes Quests

fortnite byte quests

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After tuning the TV in Fortnite, the rest of the Byte Quests will be provided to you one by one, in the following order:

  • Damage opponents with EvoChrome weapons (2,500)
  • Distance traveled in chrome vehicles (5,000)
  • Pass through chrome structures in different named locations (10)
  • Search Chrome Chests (20)
  • Deal damage to Chrome Faun (2,500)
  • Eliminate opponents at a location named Chrome (20)
  • Chrome Opponents (10)

They’re all pretty self-explanatory, so remember you can Chrome Splash on most things to turn them into chrome versions, and chrome named locations include Herald’s Sanctum, Chrome Crossroads, and Shimmering Shrine. Note that you don’t need to have the Bytes outfit equipped for the rest of these quests.

Fortnite Bytes Quest Rewards

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As you work your way through these Fortnite Bytes quests, you’ll unlock the following styles for The Nothing’s Gift Pickaxe:

  • Reaper’s Lament
  • The Dread Claw
  • Sharp Sunbeam
  • chaotic edge
  • Razer Thorn
  • Skewer
  • The Mockingbird

Fortnite Bytes quests are available until December, when Fortnite Season 5 arrives, so there’s plenty of time to work on those chrome challenges.