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Always keeps us coming back for more

Replayability is a word that is often used, both to criticize games and as part of their development. This is an important factor to take into account: your game should be fun enough to play and creative enough as players will always want to replay, no matter how many hours they have spent on it.

This idea of ​​playing a game over and over again is not only a testament to the quality of its design, but can also help extend the lifespan and income of a particular title.

Take Twitch streaming for example – much of the content comes from players revisiting their favorite games, again exposing viewers to that game. This could cause players to go back to a game they had and almost abandoned. forgotten, or even encourage them to buy it for the first time. It’s also a symptom of a staunch fandom. When you really love a game, you’re often ready to replay it because you want to relive that world, and DLC just means more.

So that word comes up all the time when we talk about a base game, but a lot of times the DLC gets out of that conversation entirely. With all these new expansions falling like Life is Strange: The Wavelengths of True Colors, Outer Wilds: Echos of the Eye, and of course the announcement of the final Ultimate smash fighting Sora, it got me thinking which DLC is worth replaying. They also deserve a little love!

The DLC itself can vary widely in terms of what it offers the player – sometimes it’s just a cool outfit that you can equip in-game, sometimes it’s a new game mode or a new map, and other times it’s an extension of the story that reinforces the whole experience. So for the sake of our argument, I think anything that keeps you coming back for more is fair play.

For me, most of the time that means the content of the story. My number one DLC is easily The Last of Us: Left Behind. Sometimes I can find stories a little predictable, but I thought Left behind builds on Ellie’s character in a substantial way, while still giving us the most engaging and compelling gameplay in the series. Maybe I’m a little biased as The last of us Part i fangirl, but he’s one of the greatest ever for me.

Red Dead Redemption's Nightmare of the Living Dead

Bioshock Infinite‘s Burial at sea is another of my personal favorites – it takes inspiration from the main series in a fun way, the visuals are to die for, and there are some truly stunning settings. It’s a fun change of pace to play as Elizabeth, especially when you get more stealthy than usual in a BioShock Thu. I honestly think Burial at sea is a stronger story than Infinite, too, but that’s a debate for another day.

These are just the few that I’ve played that really liked, but there are so many other DLCs that I know are worth the purchase price on their own. I hear Minerva’s lair of BioShock 2 is one of the best video game stories of all time (this series really knows what it does with DLC). There is also Red Dead Redemption‘s Undead nightmare, which breathed new life into the game with a horror-themed zombie mode. You can never go wrong with zombies and have them in the Old West? Sign me up. I intended to pick up the Breath of the wild Champions ballad, because I’ve heard that it adds a lot of challenge to the gameplay.

So, we want to know, which of your favorite DLCs keeps you coming back time and time again? What do you like about it? Which games don’t have DLC that would make you try again if they did?