Who is Kit’s mother in Fortnite? Lore Explained

The search term “Who is Kit’s mother in Fortnite?” has been trending in the community for quite some time now. According to theorists and lore keepers, the answer to this is likely a character known as Lynx. Although this cannot be confirmed or denied, there are a few telltale signs that provide evidence to suggest the same.

However, since not all character stories are clearly mentioned or written by Epic Games, there is a lot of room for speculation. That said, it’s time to “laser focus” and scrape a few balls of yarn to uncover the mystery behind Kit’s mother in Fortnite.

Who is Kit, and above all, who is Kit’s mother in Fortnite?

Just like most characters in the game who have an enigmatic backstory, Kit appeared out of nowhere on the island in Chapter 2 Season 3. He was an NPC leader, but unlike others who sided on the side of GHOST or SHADOW, Kit did his own thing. It was also featured in the Seasonal Battle Pass as an exclusive skin.

Keeping the cosmetics aside, what sets Kit apart from the rest is that he’s a cat. He moves around in a mech suit and looks quite adorable. It is said that his supposed mother, Lynx, built it for him. This piece of lore is based around the lab loading screen, where the two can be seen building Kit’s mech-suit.

Going further into the lore, Meowscles is believed to be his father. Considering they’re both cats, it’s believable. However, with Lynx being more human than feline, here’s where things don’t add up. While she may have a feline style that players can choose from, that doesn’t qualify her as Kit’s mother in Fortnite.

That said, as they say in the popular strategy game Grand Stellaris:

“Xeno-Compatibility not found.”

This statement can be further supported by the appearance of the latest member of the Meowscle clan called Meow Skulls. She is the younger sister of Meowscles (who is also a cat), which would make Kit her aunt. That said, here’s where things get interesting and a little daunting.

The kit is adopted?

Since Meowscles and Meow Skulls are humanoid cats, while Kit is a normal cat, it’s likely that he was adopted. Genetics alone amply demonstrates this. While Lynx may have been a mother figure to him, she’s definitely not Kit’s mother in Fortnite.

By all accounts, she helped Meowscles raise Kit and create a working robot for him to use. Since Meowscles isn’t the brightest kitty in the litter, given his focus on his physique, Lynx is the only one capable of building complex machines. This would explain the “mother-son” relationship and the unique dialogues.

the “Lynx is not Kit’s mother” crowd conveniently ignores this bit of dialogue https://t.co/OwBuIwMa2a

Sadly, sadly, sadly, as far as lore goes, it’s unclear who Kit’s mom may have been in Fortnite. Maybe he was a stray that Meowscles adopted as a kitten, or maybe he was an experiment created by the imaginary Order. Considering he’s quite capable of dabbling in tech, that makes a lot of sense.

That said, it’s unclear if lore will ever reveal who Kit’s real mother is. Honestly, does it really matter? He’s part of something bigger than himself and has carved out his own niche in the metaverse. As far as he’s concerned, every looper considers him family in Fortnite, and to some extent, that’s all that matters.

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