Why Dutch Would Be The Perfect Protagonist For A Red Dead Redemption Prequel

Red Dead Redemption released in 2010 to huge critical acclaim. John Marston’s journey to the light is one of the most satisfying character arcs in gaming, and succeeds in large part because the player is made aware of his evil deeds before the events of the game. bon begins to do selfless deeds for traveling strangers, he feels like he is reaching redemption. He’s not a good man, and it’s often hard to resist the lure of anarchy – especially considering how Red Dead Redemption 2 showed how satisfying it can be that Marston’s previous gang was so fun.


This group of outlaws is led by Dutch Van Der Linde, a man with his own share of complexity who rarely struggles to do the right thing. Dutch is introduced in the first game as a character who is bad to the core, but the 2018 sequel gives him more depth to rival that of John Marston or Arthur Morgan. He is different from the aforementioned personalities in several ways, and the next Red Dead Redemption project would do well to put it in the spotlight for further analysis.

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Dutch is an up-and-coming Rockstar Games protagonist

Rockstar Games’ open-world titles, while often quite different in setting, generally have a few things in common, like plenty of side-activities, gorgeous visuals, and the endless potential for player-directed mischief. From Jimmy Hopkins’ misdemeanors at Bullworth Academy to Tommy Vercetti’s rise through the underworld of Vice City, characters in Rockstar projects are rarely without fault. Dutch fits the company mold perfectly, but differs from his predecessors in that he has no real redeeming qualities to exploit.

Dutch van der Linde is in a downward spiral of wickedness, while John and Arthur have flashes of kindness and generosity. These quirks are why the latter are so beloved despite their outlaw status, but Dutch is not a good person. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a compelling protagonist, though. Like Walter White or Harvey Dent, Dutch van der Linde begins as someone redeemable, even likable, but his journey is one of wickedness. It would be different from the above, but no less gripping if the story is handled properly.

The complex character of Dutch van der Linde

For a game to handle Red Dead Redemption name, it has to be more than just an open-world cowboy adventure. The history of the Van Der Linde gang is essential, and neglecting it completely in Red Dead Redemption 3 would deprive the series of its identity. Still, as both Arthur and John have had their fates sealed, it’s a challenge to find a way back into this world without it feeling repetitive. Dutch’s unique character qualities and largely unexplored past make him familiar enough to remind players why the franchise is so special, yet different enough not to diminish the emotional impact of John and Arthur’s respective stories.

The end of Dutch’s life is well documented, but seeing his beginnings would add much more context to an enigmatic man. Like Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eatera dutch company Red Dead Redemption could spotlight an iconic character before they’re introduced to players. Learning how he survived as a boy during the American Civil War, what his early friendship with Hosea was like, and how he became so notorious would be fascinating to watch. There are many endearing characters who Red Dead Redemption 3 could explore in more detail, but learning more about the Dutch might be the best way to make the first two games even better.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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