Why Fortnite’s Halloween event is the best in the game

Every Halloween, Fortnite holds its Fortnitemares event. Here’s why it’s the best way to celebrate the holidays in any game.

It’s almost Halloween, and for many players that means celebrating this spooky time of year with limited-time in-game events. Whether gamers are turning to horror games for fear or enjoying less scary titles, games are a great place to celebrate the holidays. Live service games like Fortnite are particularly good in this regard, offering new seasonal content and reasons for dedicated gamers and casual fans to keep coming back.

In FortniteIn his case, he kicked off his annual “Fortnitemares” event on October 5th. This event, which runs until November 1, sets the bar high for Halloween celebrations in gaming in general, and delivers exceptional content to gamers each year that is as polished as it is Halloween-themed. . With its attention to detail, groundbreaking mechanics, and tidy narrative structure, Fortnitemares is the best Halloween gaming event – and this year only strengthens the game’s claim to that title.

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Fortnitemares 2021 sets itself apart from other Halloween events with its excellent presentation and storyline. Like other Fortnitemare events before it, the event comes to players during one of the FortniteThe battle passes over the seasons and manages to fit its individual narrative into what’s going on right now in the larger storyline of the season. For example, this year’s Halloween event, dubbed “Wrath of the Cube Queen” takes place during a takeover of the map by a series of crashed alien ships that brought with them a multitude of mysterious cubes.

As the season continued, the cubes converged in the middle of the map, leaving many players wondering what will happen next. At the start of the Fortnitemares event, players were surprised by the appearance of the Cube Queen, an otherworldly being who is currently inside an indestructible force field. From there, she commands her many monsters that appear all over the map, monsters that players can fight for powerful items. This mini-storyline, which will tie into the larger season structure and end at the end of the event, is another added bonus for players, drawing them into the mystery and action.

As in previous years, Fortnitemares doesn’t just provide gamers with a new, compact storyline; it also changes the map with new gameplay for the Halloween event. This year, the Cube Queen has unleashed a brand new antagonist: the enormous humanoid named The Caretaker. This AI-controlled monster can be challenged as an optional secondary activity. This massive invisible monster roams the map, appearing randomly in a different location in each game, and can only be seen when it draws the player into the “Sideways,” a bubble-shaped portal that changes everything within its radius to a frightening alternative dimension. Players can risk fighting this tough foe to gain powerful alien weapons that can give them a leg up over other human competitors.

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In addition to all the new story content, Fortnitemares also offers players a host of unlockable skins and Halloween-themed activities, which can be completed for bonus experience points. In addition to resurrecting last year’s Halloween skins, this year new unlockables have been added each week of the event. Some of the new skins included a crossover with resident Evil which brought Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine into the fray and a pair of classic Universal Monster skins that gave players access to Frankenstein’s Monster and Mummy, with alternate looks that reflect the grain of black and white film classic movies. Even the various locations on the map are given unique Halloween decorations, with neighborhood houses covered in pumpkins, cobwebs, and buckets of candy that players can eat.

Altogether, Fortnitemares succeeds every year as it is a limited free event that offers new gameplay while integrating into the existing and ever-evolving game. It’s clear that developer Epic Games has been working hard on new content rather than just adding a new seasonal costume or replacing existing in-game items with pumpkins or ghosts. In the past, players have transformed into spirits, fought a giant Storm Elemental, and celebrated Halloween, all while participating in fun battle royale matches. While other live service games feature fun annual events, few are as polished and fully realized as Fortnite‘s – and this year’s iteration just might be the best yet.

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