Why GTA Online should bring back the Sprunk vs. eCola war

The Sprunk vs. eCola war in GTA Online was one of the most intense free-roaming events in recent memory. Rockstar Games launched the event on August 25, 2022 and it was active until September 14, 2022. During this time, the streets of Los Santos turned red and green with several players supporting their favorite brand.

Sprunk and eCola are asking fans to stand up and be counted. Over the next 3 weeks, vote for your favorite. Start by joining the official Sprunk or eCola team on Social Club, then beat as many cans as your stomach can handle – each one is a vote: rsg.ms/65688e1 https://t.co/P8A8ZYqks7

Although many interesting activities have happened since then, players still cherish those memories. While the developers are unlikely to bring back such events in the immediate future, given all the upcoming updates, this article explains why GTA Online should bring back the legendary Sprunk vs. eCola war.

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Reasons to bring back the Sprunk vs. eCola war in GTA Online

The Sprunk vs. eCola war in GTA Online spawned a lot of mischievous in-game activities and memorabilia. It was the second iteration of Green vs Purple Alien Wars, but this time Rockstar officially kicked off the event.

Sprunk vs. eCola Update While Sprunk has formed the biggest crew, dedicated eCola fans have fought their way to the top by consuming more cans of their favorite soda. Sprunk drinkers have until September 14 to rally together and turn the tide. https://t.co/kxsOdkq02b

As part of the event, players had to drink their favorite in-game soft drink to show their support for that specific brand. While the focus was on drinks, the developers spiced up the event by adding colorful costumes, unique liveries, and more.

Additionally, this full-fledged war had no effect on standard multiplayer gameplay. Players can do this as a side activity or take a break from their regular routine to participate in fan gang wars.

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While it’s bad to bother other players for no reason in multiplayer, seeing a swarm of people dressed in red and green suits fighting on a large scale was certainly fun.

These sights were common during both the Green vs. Purple Alien War and the Sprunk vs. eCola War, with players eagerly rushing to participate whenever such events occurred.

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The basic concept of these events is quite simple. They unite random supporters under one brand or color while dividing the entire lobby into two rival groups. In addition, there are several sneaky players who move from one team to another without anyone noticing. These diversities give the gameplay a distinct and entertaining aspect.

The Sprunk vs. eCola war was an event in its own right where Rockstar added several event-themed items to GTA Online. Even the cars in the showrooms of Simeon and Luxury Autos were adorned with matching designs. The next release should probably include even more memorabilia, similar to the Halloween event.

Similarities to the Cops ‘n’ Crooks game mode

The previously canceled Cops ‘n’ Crooks game mode in GTA Online shares some similarities with the Sprunk vs eCola event. Both events divide players into two groups that compete against each other. The former is rumored to be an Adversary Mode-style event, while the latter is a free roam event.

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As the Grand Theft Auto community hopes for the return of the Cops ‘n’ Crooks DLC, game developers could also include the Sprunk vs. eCola and Green vs. Purple Alien wars as separate game modes.

In conclusion, the Alien Wars and the Soft Drink Wars were two of the most entertaining events in GTA Online history. Reintroducing them would be a great move as it would allow players to take a break from their usual routine and associate with strangers for some chaotic fun.

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