Why RDR3 Won’t Happen For A Long Time

Red Dead Redemption 3 is a game that many have been hoping for, but no announcements have been made. Unfortunately, it looks like fans will be waiting a long time.

Several major game releases have been announced so far in 2022, but Red Dead Redemption 3 is not part of the list of upcoming titles. The previous game in the series is one of Rockstar’s biggest hits, but no indication has yet been given for a RDR3 release date. However, given what is known of Rockstar’s current plans, it’s unlikely that a new Red Dead Redemption will come soon.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most lauded games Rockstar has released, earning several gaming industry accolades. The game has become a widely loved classic, and protagonist Arthur Morgan easily surpasses all GTA protagonist, being hailed as one of the finest actors in gaming. A sequel to such a lauded game would likely be highly celebrated. However, there has been little buzz about a potential release date for Red Dead Redemption 3while other projects were mooted instead.

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One thing that doubts Red Dead Redemption 3 coming soon is the recent announcement of Grand Automatic Flight 6. GTA 6 is a title that has been anticipated for years, and the announcement was guaranteed to grab fans’ attention. It’s not unfair to think that most of Rockstar’s attention in the near future will be focused on GTA 6, and make sure its launch goes well. With even a GTA 6 trailer not expected in 2022, it is clear that it will be a long time before Red Dead Redemption 3 will be a priority for the company. We will have to wait at least after GTA 6and even then it may take longer if RDR3 needs any amount of major fixes after release.

Rockstar’s focus is currently on GTA 6, not Red Dead Redemption 3

red dead redemption 2 sunset horse

The fact that red dead online and GTA online are still actively supported makes one further doubt that RDR3 will come soon. Both games have continued to receive regular updates, indicating that between these two games as well as the development of GTA 6Rockstar may not be able to focus on Red Dead Redemption 3 for the moment without scattering the devs too much. Although red dead onlineUpdates have been criticized, the fact that Rockstar continues to work on it indicates some level of investment in the game. RDR3 release date somewhere down the line, but Rockstar may be too busy to focus on that just yet.

If Rockstar turns its attention elsewhere, the question remains when will a release date for Red Dead Redemption 3 will be announced. It is very likely that the game will eventually arrive. There’s still plenty Rockstar can do with the red death world, and it would be a shame if the studio just let the set go to waste. Whether or not the game is a sequel, or if RDR3 is another prequel, the announcement alone would get fans excited. If this is to happen, the best guess for when it will happen is when Rockstar doesn’t have any other major announcements. With Rockstar taking so long to announce GTA 6 in the first place, it seems very likely that it will be at least another two years before any concrete project RDR3 news comes out.

Although Grand Theft Auto is Rockstar’s flagship series, Red Dead Redemption 2 may have surpassed it in terms of critical reception. The Wild West adventure showed Rockstar’s true potential when it comes to game making, and a sequel would be warranted. However, as things stand, it will be some time before any release date for Red Dead Redemption 3 will be discussed.

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