Why some Grand Theft Auto 6 fans think it will take place in Vice City

Of all the Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors, one of the most popular is that it’s returning to Vice City, and here’s why.

With Rockstar’s relatively recent confirmation of Grand Theft Auto 6, the whirlwind of rumors and speculation has become a real storm. There are a lot of hopes and hype for Grand Automatic Flight 6even if no one has seen the game.

It goes back to Rockstar’s pedigree as a developer. While the Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Trilogy Collection (which was not developed by but overseen by Rockstar) and the PS5/Xbox Series X versions of Auto grand theft 5 didn’t do much for Rockstar’s reputation, it still stands tall as a developer of Auto grand theft 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.


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Grand Automatic Flight 6 is going to be a constant talking point in the gaming community during and after its eventual release. It already is, after all. But what will happen is the passage of rumors and speculation about Grand Automatic Flight 6 to hard information. One thing that should be confirmed at the beginning GTA 6The marketing of is its setting, and while it’s still just rumor and speculation for now, many believe it will take place in Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto 6 returns to Vice City

For many, there are two main reasons why they may think this will take place in Vice City. The first just comes down to rumors. Grand Automatic Flight 6 the rumors are countless, and most of them are almost certain to be false. Some reputable insiders have commented on a thing or two though, like the inclusion of jetpacks, and known insider Tom Henderson also suggested GTA 6 will be in Vice City. Of all the rumors going around, the ones from this source seem pretty reliable.

At least rumors and speculation are a good way to see what fans want from a game. It could be an entire wishlist instead of a “leak”, but it’s still a wish list. Vice City has been in the conversation long enough that it’s clearly a strong fan desire. Beyond guessing what is reliable and what is not in terms of GTA 6 rumors and speculation, there is another important element for many fans: it’s time to return to Vice City.

Looking at the last two main games, Auto grand theft 5 takes place in Los Santos and Grand Theft Auto 4 takes place in Liberty City. It makes less sense to return to one of these two settings than to explore the third: Vice City. At the end of the day, where Grand Automatic Flight 6 is set is anyone’s guess, but it’s hard not to guess Vice City.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is in development.

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