Why was there no video game adaptation?

The series finale of You better call Saul brought the breaking Bad the universe at its end, at least for now. Whereas breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan acknowledged that there could be more spinoffs, his current focus is on moving beyond the anti-hero trend he helped create. Whereas breaking BadThe future of television may be on hold indefinitely, it may continue in another medium.

In the perspective of You better call Saul‘s finale, Gilligan talked about breaking Badit is potential of video games on the Inside the Gillivers podcast. Only one breaking Bad game hit the market, mobile game discontinued Breaking Bad: criminal elements. It’s not for lack of trying. In discussing attempts to create a breaking Bad game, admitted non-player Gilligan came up with what would be the perfect breaking Bad game: one Grand Theft Auto clone.

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Although he is not “a big video game player”, Gilligan is aware of Grand Theft Auto. Given the obvious similarities between the two franchises, Gilligan thought a breaking Bad module for one GTA game made perfect sense. Gilligan went so far as to find out who owned GTA. Gilligan didn’t say if there had been any negotiations with Rockstar Games regarding a collaboration on such a project, but he did provide details of other attempts.

One of these attempts was a breaking Bad “VR Experience” for Sony’s PlayStation VR. Although he didn’t mention any other platform in particular, Gilligan said “energy, effort and talent” went into writing original screenplays for breaking Bad games that never saw the light of day. One of the greatest stumbling blocks of a breaking Bad that the game has faced is the fact that Gilligan doesn’t see it as just a cash-in project.

Gilligan’s knowledge of video games extends beyond GTApopularity. He knows about the game’s most infamous failure, HEY for the Atari 2600, which bombed so horribly that unsold and returned copies were buried in a landfill in the New Mexico desert. That kind of dark fate wouldn’t be out of place in the breaking Bad universe, given that the show was filled with doomed characters and their grim deaths. With this extreme example of a licensed game gone bad, Gilligan naturally protects the breaking Bad license, saying it would have to be a high-quality game that paid attention to the finer details of the show.

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All of this gives Gilligan the intuition that Rockstar Games would be the right people to do a breaking Bad game on site. Their equally meticulous approach makes any game they produce an event in itself, in part because their game development takes so long. The high standards that Gilligan has set for breaking Bad and its spinoffs are similar to the ones Rockstar Games uses to produce GTA VI. a rock star breaking Bad project would certainly do the license justice. The company has produced two high-quality expansions as DLCs for GTA IV, The lost and the damned and TThe Ballad of Gay Tonywhich correspond to the modular approach suggested by Gilligan so many years ago.

Unfortunately, the dream scenario of a game developed by Rockstar breaking Bad game is likely to remain just that. breaking Bad has many qualities that make GTA great games, from likable but deeply flawed criminal protagonists to colorful supporting characters. He even has his own in-universe fast food chain, Los Pollos Hermanos, mirroring the tradition of satirical GTA restaurants like Cluckin’ Bell. Same breaking BadThe smaller scale of wouldn’t be a problem, given how new its New Mexico setting is after so many years of playing in New York and Los Angeles recreations.

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Being able to take on missions from Saul Goodman and interact with Mike Ehrmantraut would be a dream come true for breaking Bad fans and players. Whether anyone other than Rockstar could produce such a game is another question. Similar franchises also have checkered gaming histories, with The Sopranos: The Road to Respectbased on breaking Badthe predecessor of the prestige television, The Sopranos being a particularly poor example.

Despite this, an open-world detective game set in the breaking Bad the universe is too enticing a possibility to give up entirely. Given that scarface had a well-received video game adaptation decades after its theatrical release, it’s possible Gilligan will return breaking Bad in a video game that finally lives up to its high standards.