Will there ever be a Minecraft 2?

Minecraft has been around for over 10 years, with no news of a sequel. However, Minecraft arguably doesn’t and never will need a sequel.

Mojang’s hit building simulator, Minecraftis approaching its 10th anniversary on consoles in 2022, and it seems unlikely that Minecraft 2 will never happen given the success of the original. There are a few main reasons for this, but they all come back to the main reason, which is that Minecraft is constructed in a way where it doesn’t really need a sequel. The game is immortal on its own, being able to be updated endlessly. There’s really no reason to make a sequel when the original game is so timeless.

Minecraft first launched in May 2009, and almost immediately took the world by storm with its boundless creativity and completely hands-off relationship with the player. This popularity has only grown as the game offers more and more ways to create literally anything the player can imagine, with the franchise branching out into various spinoffs and even LEGO. Minecraft players have created real working roller coasters and even fully functioning computers with the updates made to the original game, and it continues to generate interest to this day.


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It’s been over a decade since the original Minecraft launched, and yet there was no question of a sequel. Considering how money-making this game is, making a sequel seems like easy money. However, there is a compelling reason why there will be no sequel to Minecraft: the game is simply built to not need a sequel.

Why Minecraft 2 Will Never Happen

Some games, especially if they are online, can simply go on forever. Minecraft has become nothing more than an online game since its launch, with an entire MMO – Hypixel’s Skyblock – to be built of it. On top of that, the game is constantly being updated, with the latest update introducing a brand new biome, the Mangrove Swamp, where players can obtain seeds from Mangrove Swamp. Minecraftthe aesthetics and presentation of are also quite timeless; it continues to impress visually through multiple graphical updates, and its core gameplay loop continues to appeal. In short, with all of these updates released and the potential for more graphical upgrades in the future, there’s little merit in pursuing a sequel.

In this scenario, a sequel to Minecraft doesn’t really do anything. A sequel is meant to build on what came before or reinvent it entirely if necessary. However, there is nothing but a sequel to Minecraft can make a few patches to the original game can’t, and it would be a misallocation of Mojang’s resources if a sequel were put into development. It might make sense if the original game lost popularity, but Minecraft – one of the most popular online games of 2022 – is a gaming staple. As of this writing, little could threaten its appeal.

Not every game needs a sequel. Some games can work just fine on their own, with the core concept being so flexible that it can just be added on and on. So there will probably never be a full sequel to the original. Minecraftnot without a lot of things going incredibly wrong with the current version of the game. That’s far from a problem, given that Minecraft has been updated and changed so many times since 2009 that it is unrecognizable from this original version. From Redstone to Skyblock, to new enemies like the terrifying Warden Mob, Minecraft is doing just fine as is, so there is no need to throw it away for the same game but with the number two at the end of the title.

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