Win a copy of Elden Ring with Von Republic

Welcome to the Von Republic!
The Von Republic app rewards your achievement hunting skills with exclusive prizes. Sign up and start earning Von Coins, which can be used to win auctions for games, limited edition prints, headsets, controllers, and more!

We convert your Xbox Achievements into Von Coins using TrueAchievements weighted algorithms. Register using the code TA — ta2022 — and receive 500 additional Von coins.*

Our daily auctions take place at 8am, 1pm, 7pm and 8pm PST daily. To ensure newcomers have a fair chance, one auction per day will be an exclusive auction for new users. We’re even auctioning off a copy of Elden Ring at 1pm PST this Sunday, and the auction will only be open to new users.

On top of that, Elden Ring is our bonus game until March 25th. Until then, you’ll get double the amount of Von Coins for all Elden Ring achievements you unlock, which you can spend on even more auctions. Other auctions this weekend include a month of Game Pass Ultimate, a classic Red Dead Redemption 2 poster, an Oxenfree code, a PowerA dual charging station, a Halo Infinite print, and more!

Become a Von Republic citizen today on any Xbox, web browser, or mobile device. Available in US, UK, California and India.

* There was a slight error in the referral code last week, so if you haven’t received your 500 bonus coins, please contact [email protected]