WWE 2K22 Player Recreates Arthur Morgan From Red Dead Redemption 2

A WWE 2K22 player wows fans with his custom recreation of Red Dead Redemption 2’s main protagonist, Van der Linde member Arthur Morgan.

Thanks to an expert WWE 2K22 player, Red Dead Redemption 2 anti-hero Arthur Morgan is ready to trade the Wild West for the Squared Circle. While the newest wrestling simulator from 2K Games and Visual Concepts isn’t without flaws and missing features, WWE 2K22 is considered by many to be a marked improvement over the past WWE titles and offers future superstars plenty of options to fulfill their dreams of dominating the ring. These include the Rey Mysterio-centric 2K showcase mode, WWE 2K22Career-based MyRise and team-focused MyFaction – a new addition to the franchise that allows players to build their own stable of grapplers to take on other groups using collectible Power Cards.


As with most past WWE video game offerings, WWE 2K22 features an in-depth character creation suite that allows players to create their dream competitor to rule the ring in standard exhibition matches or rise through the ranks of WWE stardom in MyRise. In addition to creating a completely original character from scratch, fans have also used WWE 2K22to recreate popular characters from movies, shows and video games. This may even extend to real-life celebrities, as a recent WWE 2K22 backstage brawl between real-life rivals Kanye West and Pete Davidson. Even better, players can upload their custom wrestlers to WWE 2K22 online server, allowing other fans to create their own dream lists filled with famous characters across all forms of entertainment media.

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Reddit user HectorBarbossaTheGod recently added Red Dead Redemption 2is Arthur Morgan to this list, sharing their custom WWE 2K22 version of the legendary outlaw on r/reddeadremption (via Rant game). Arthur’s appearance and outfit Red Dead Redemption 2 are captured in impressive detail, and HectorBarbossaTheGod has already posted their creation on the WWE 2K22 servers under the pseudonym of marcoandtarmaII. HectorBarbossaTheGod is a prolific member of WWE 2K22 creative community, having created characters from games like God of the war and Grand Theft Auto 5. Their iteration of Arthur Morgan has garnered plenty of praise from RDR2 fans, who have already requested to add other outlaws like Dutch van der Linde, John Marston and Micah to the growing library of custom characters in WWE 2K22.

The players were first introduced to Arthur Morgan in 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2which serves as a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption and is set in the late 1800s. Arthur contrasts with previous protagonist John Marston, being less idealistic and valuing his loyalty to the Van der Linde gang above all else. This loyalty is tested during the events of RDR 2, which sees Arthur and his gang mates fleeing the law after a bank robbery gone wrong. The profound narrative that follows, as well as RDR2Rockstar’s expansive open world, filled with various side quests and hidden details, helped earn Rockstar’s homage to the Wild West its current reputation as one of the most critically and commercially successful video games ever. all the time.

Arthur Morgan’s mischievous personality, sharp tongue, and penchant for physical combat would make him a good candidate for the brutal world of pro wrestling, and the personalized version of HectorBarbossaTheGod. Red Dead Redemption 2the protagonist of allows WWE 2K22 players to bring this Wild West legend to the ring. The sky really is the limit to what (or who) gamers can imagine in WWE 2K22meaning even playable characters from the huge triple-A games could become future WWE Champions.

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Source: HectorBarbossaTheGod/Reddit (via Game Rant)

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